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Using the Editors

The Book Editor

Both the Book Editor and Story Editor work in a manner similar to most basic word processors, with a few nuances.  If you already have works in progress saved on Creative Writer, then you can locate their title(s) in the drop-down, as shown in a.  If you wish to see chapters from all of your books, simply choose the "All Books" option.  Otherwise, select a single title to filter only those chapters relevant to a particular manuscript.


Alternatively, you may  click the "New Book" button below the book selection drop-down to begin creating a new book.

Once you have selected the book you wish to work on, you can either click the "New Chapter" button (as shown in b), 


or, otherwise, select the chapter from the chapter menu that you wish to call up (as shown in c). 

Once loaded, you should receive the "Body text is loaded. Press 'update' to commit" message to the upper left of the text area.  Next, click the "update" button to transfer the loaded text to the text area.  (If the chapter text has not loaded after clicking its tab in the chapter menu, click the "revert" button to force a reload.  Then click the "update" button again.)


You should now see your chapter text loaded into the text area, as seen in d.


By default, the editor will auto-save your work every 10 minutes.  If you wish to change the save frequency, hover your mouse over the auto-save box, and a dialog will appear that will allow you to enter a new value.  (See e.)


If you wish to disable auto-save, simply slide the auto-save switch to the left to turn off this feature.  If you wish to manually save, whether auto-save is enabled or not, you can click the "save" button at any time to manually save your work. 


Finally, to navigate away from the editor page, click the "home" icon in the upper-left corner of the screen (see ).  You will then be directed to a menu where you can navigate to the rest of the site.  (Of course, you can always select the option in your browser to open the button's link in a new tab.  This will allow you to access the navigation menu while leaving the editor open.)

The Short Story Editor

Note that the functionality of the Short Story editor is essentially the same as that of the book editor.  Some of the functionality of the latter has, naturally, been simplified in the case of the former.  The menu to the left now indicates the stories the logged-in user has saved in their account, and clicking one of the entries will load the relevant text. 


You will again receive a message to the top-left of the text area indicating that the selected manuscript has been loaded.  Then, click the "update" button to send the loaded text to the text area to begin reading or editing. 

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