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Bubble Universe

Updated: May 24, 2021

"I missed you."

Danyal gazed at Mieko through the shimmering horizon. He forced a smile. "I missed you too."

"Please don't be gone that long again."

"I'm sorry, my sweetheart. It...The drive...It just...wouldn't engage...I think...I..."


"...Each time I open a rift...I think it becomes harder the next time..."

Her face fell. "So...what happens...?"

"Next time...the energy required will be infinite..."

A tear rolled down her rosy cheek as she steeled her jaw. For several moments, there was silence. "Then..."

He swallowed a lump. "I know. I..."

"I don't want to lose you."

"I don't want to lose you either."

As the streams poured from Meiko's dark, beautiful eyes, and made their way down that countenance he had yearned to touch for so long, Danyal shuddered as a long, sharp sword pierced through his heart, burning like a skewering shaft of red hot iron. For several moments, he reeled in the pain, and could perform no further function.

He looked up and gazed at her black, shoulder-length hair. Just one or two strands were out of place. He would have reached through the portal, gently smoothing them, and drying her tears; but he knew that would be impossible.

The results of his research would win him a Nobel Prize. He had not only proven the existence of bubble universes--the multiverse--but he had been able to pass information back and forth through a tunnel between his world and another. But he would give it all up if it meant he could somehow walk through and be with her.

His heart sank as the portal began to shrink.



"I don't want to lose you! Please don't go!"

Meiko put her hand up to the horizon; Danyal brought his up to meet it...But, still, they could not touch.

Danyal sniffled, his vision blurred, and he sobbed as the window collapsed...

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