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Creative Writer 1.0



Welcome to the official Creative Writer site!  Creative Writer is a browser-based tool with cloud storage for composing manuscripts, whether you are working on a book, or a short story.  The suite of tools includes a book editor that allows for chapter-by-chapter composition, a similar editor for short stories, a notepad, and tools for character and location development.


The "places" tool allows for not just location notes and description, but also for drawings or photos (.jpg format) to be saved as well.  Likewise, the character development tool lets the user both record individual descriptions and notes, as well as upload an image of the character (whether a drawing or a photo). 

To get going with the full functionality and all the tools, sign up now with a $20/year subscription!

  • If you're just passing through or you want to get a feel for how the editor(s) work, you can access both the offline versions of the book and short story editors for free, without an account.  (These can save to and load from your local machine, as well as copy an html version of your manuscript to the clipboard):

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